Dean AkersDean Akers

Dean has mastered the art form of seizing opportunities in any situation. As a University of Florida graduate he joined a company in Lakeland Florida as a warehouse runner. By the age of 28 he was made the COO/Vice President of Sales. It was during the recession of the 80’s. Under the philosophies he will share with us he was able to take this organization from 50 million in sales to 103 million 2 years later. This was done with the same 300 folks that did 50 million.

At 30 he wanted his own business, so he bought a chain of tire stores. This became a fix it program. He grew it from a financially broke company to the leading commercial tire company in the state of Florida. He sold it to Don Olson tire and retired at age 40.

While he started retirement, his wife came into him and said, “I married you for better or worse, not for lunch” She wanted him to get busy again. He had companies calling him to speak and help them grow. Out of these  requests, he started Adjunct CEO. This has been his platform over the last 26  years for helping and acquiring companies.

His many companies he has owned and or directly helped have been big successes in sales and profits.

The combined increase in sales of companies he’s helped has been over 500 million dollars. He will share some of those stories with us to help us understand that he’s a person that’s done it, not just talks about it.